Thursday, February 21, 2013

Club Penguin Andybillson get's a Cp Award!

Hey awesome Penguins.As you know Cp awards are on and....
I knew I also do action stunt's in my movies.Jump off cliffs and what not!..LOL Also I guess that I  do some police stunts To!So I got nominated the best action scene!!!

I know I am a good waddlewe I have been doing it since 2006 stoped waddling and started again in 2007!But, I would have NEVER guessed I get the BEST waddler award!Thank every one for voting for me!

Although I was picked randomly I still was happy that I got the awards! Also,Thank you guys for everything from visting all my 6 blogs and the 1 I work on (Thanks Gpumpkin for letting me) and my youtube channel!Thank you all!Let us know your thought's in the comments below!

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