Friday, February 22, 2013

Club Penguin Federflink1 think's we might be in trouble??

Note:thanks to perapin for the translation
Message from Federflink1:
Hello People,
There is something strange on the island, which we should get to the bottom of ... There is a scroll in the Command-Center of the EPF. Let's ask ourselves, what kind of a scroll is next to the Field-Op computer?Scroll
Using a few agents ... (shhhh ... do not tell the name, as it is better to operate hidden at this time) ... we have developed a number of ideas:
A) Is it a message from Herbert with information about his latest plan? 
B) Is it the plan for the new Snow-Dojo or perhaps a message of Shadow-Ninjas? 
C) Is it an old document from the EPF, which by destroying, it will emerge?
Hm ... it's not that easy ... Let's decide together ... What is the meaning of this scroll? Just leave me a comment on this below in the box. I'm really looking forward to very much!
Secret Flipperwave-Greetings :-)
Your Federflink1
from the Club Penguin Team

Hope this all turns out good?I do.Let us know you thoughts in the comments below!