Sunday, February 24, 2013

Club Penguin Gold Award Cheat!

Hey penguins,Today is the 24th of February so today the best actors and directors get to go to the stage and get  there GOLD award.Make sure you have a speech ready you might get nominated best something!Below is a step by step on how to obtain the gold award...
Step 1; Log into Any server I mostly go on less populated servers.
Step 2:When you log into the server I sign will pop up.Go to the last part of the sign and click Go there ,It will take you to the Plaza!

Step 3:Enter the stage

Step 4: You get it as soon as you enter (But, you need to be a director and/or actor) It also goes to your player card as soon as you enter!

Here is how it looks on your player card.

Thanks for the Gold award!Now you have a GREAT chance of getting nominated!Have you got your gold award yet!Let me know in the comments below I LOVE hearing from you!


  1. Thanks! I am new and do you know were the iceberg is?My friend list says blolsd is at the iceberg

  2. If you log into Club Penguin pick any Server,when you are logged in click the map in the lower left corner and it the Top right side of the map there is a iceberg click it and there you go!
    Waddle on

  3. Your player card is Awesome!