Thursday, February 28, 2013

Club Penguin Red Nose Day!+ Free Item

Hey penguins!As you know Club Penguin has made a video for Red Nose Day!Any way there is a knew red nose item to obtain!
Log in to ANY server (I go on low populated servers)
Go to the town located on the middle of the island!Then go to the far left building

When you enter the door RIGHT on the left side there is a RED NOSE for EVERY penguin members and non-members!

To obtain the item click on it or waddle over to it!You have found a Red
nose whould you like to pick it up?Well YES!Lol thanks !

I almost got the FOREVER loading bug but it's gone!

You can put this item on your beak!This is how it looks on your inventory..

I LOVE  this item!!I am going to make my penguin pals LOL!Are you?Let me know your thoughts in the comments below I LOVE hearing from you!

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