Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to keep YOUR penguin safe? *Pass it on*

NOTE: This was all started by clicky minty 

Everyday on the internet something bad does happen, I want to stop this and help those who have been hurt. :)
You might have chosen to save your penguins name and password on your computer. Make sure that no one else who might use your penguin and do bad things on it, that you don't save your password. (it will look like this)
You should make sure you are updating your password very often. There are penguins sadly using bad things to find passwords, so that's why I really do recommend it. There are rumors that on the server Sleet you trade penguins, located at the dock I once went there and there was one penguin yelling "That's my penguin" That is not good at all. ): It seems that rare penguins go on it to trade. Here I saw someone say Go to *****'s Chat for the pass. Not good
If your password is obvious please change it for your safety. This is a bad example of a username, and password:
User: Lollie90921321
Pass: Lollie
If you ever see a penguin getting bullied you should well- NEED to go and help them. Remember this tip: If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. 
Treat everyone with respect and care, how you would like to be treated.
Thanks clikyminty For this post.All penguins,people should stay SAFE.Pass this post  around by posting it on your Club Penguin blog,if you do not havee a blog copy THIS post and comment on some ones blog to please post it.

Treat EVERYONE Nicely, How You Would Like To Be Treated. Don't Hack 
Be Caring :).
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  1. I love Cliky Minty She is such A nice penguin,I will put this on my blog but do I give you credit Andy?

  2. Yes Minty is GREAT and no give FULL credit to Minty.
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