Thursday, March 21, 2013

Club Penguin Puffle Party 2013 *COMPLETE WALKTHORUGH*

Hey penguins!The Puffle Party is HERE! There are alot of updates on the island but below is a step by step on secrets,cheats and more!
First well of course the Puffle hotel! It is a new room in the Plaza!

To access this room just enter the doors in the front in the Plaza',Or go in the Petshop and enter there!

When you enter it is just WOW!It is just TO A,M,Z,I,N,G There is a Reception desk,Coat check,Per shop,Pet food,pet clothes, and a rainbow puffle in the middle!

To the left is a elevator! If you enter  it will take you to the Spa and exercise room(Gym),roof!

Just click were you would like to go.
GYM:  I don't to spoil what you and you'r puffle can do there so go find out!

ROOF: I don't to spoil what you and you'r puffle can do there so go find out!

Also When you are in the Hotel you see that paper on the bottom right of your screen! Members complete that to get the rainbow puffle although Non-members can't get the rainbow puffle they can still do the activities and EARN prizes!
SECOND:The Puffle Play Zone!

The puffle play zone is back! Although the rooms are still the same in the puffle play Zone (Witch is still awesome)

Note:Yes I am a pink puffle LOL

There are new items!And, you can turn into a puffle (You could also turn into a puffle last year!)

There is one hiddin item:Just click the puffle on the "I <3 puffle" T shirt
THIRD: New Decorated Rooms! 
Beach & April Fools Box:
Light House & Beacon + How to earn the "Food Fight Stamp":
To obtain the "Food fight stamp throw a snowball on that big green puffles mouth with the target!
Skill Hill Ski Village!

Town,Snow Forts &Plaza:

Cove & Iceberg!:

FORTH: Puffle Party Emotes 
Just like the past 4 months At every party you get new emotes!This party you get Puffle O's,A rainbow,And a rainbow puffle!
5th! A new pin is on the island! 
Along with Everyone! Just loginto Any Server and head to the beach!
6TH the last one till tomorow(Wee will get one step closer to the Rainbow puffle)
The Puffle Handler will be visiting the island to give us tricks on how to tack care of puffle's!She does not have a new  Player card but she does have a knew backround you can obtain if you'r friends with her!
step 1: Log into you'r penguin and open up your buddy list and go all the to the bottom of list and click "PH"!(If you are not friend's with her Be sure to check Club Penguin's blog and youtube channel)

Step 2:When you open her player card there will be a little box icon!Click it!

Step 3:The last step!Click yes you would like to obtain this item!

To get it on you'r player card just open your inventory! And' go to backrounds,It is use'ally at the bottom of the list!

This is only the First day of the Puffle Party & There is this many stuff!!WOW! Tomorow there will be more so stay tuned! Let me know you'r thoughts in the comments below!

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