Thursday, March 21, 2013

Club Penguin Times To meet PH(puffle handler) Spanish Servers!

Note: Thanks to Saraapril for letting me know!
Now that the Puffle Party Is On, PH (Puffle handler)Is the mascot waddling around! Thanks to our good friend on the Spanish blog Tato Maxx We now have a chance to meet PH!

.March 23,2PM(PST) in Server Avalancha

.March 24, 12PM(PST) in server Pizzarock

.March 26, 7AM(PST) in server Ballena Azul

.March 27, 11AM(PST) in server Pufflelandia

This is awesome!Are you Going to meet PH in Spanish servers?Let us know you'r thoughts in the Comments below!
Waddle On!


  1. LOL I met her oke 1000 times!

    1. Dude PH has not even loged in 1000 times! And, for shure you have not met her 1000 times! Andy billson can you add me? Also u need to update your team page