Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Member Of The Andybillson Team!!

This is not a cheat, but I just thought I'd inform you that Gpumpkin has joined!! :)Here is some infomation about him he told us on his blog!

From the beginning, when I began club penguin, I never thought of becoming a club penguin blogger. I've been a blogger since April 2011 and I first started blogging on a site called Club Penguin Guide 101, that a friend and I created. Sadly, he quit a couple of weeks later. So, I decided to make a new one. On May 14, 2011 was born! I didn't have a successful start, but I kept going and with the help of countless friends, I'm where I am today. The blog now has over 250,000 views and thanks to you it's become a one of a kind club penguin blog here in the club penguin community  I'd like to personally give you all a big thank you for your support!
About Gpumpkin:
 My penguin "Gpumpkin" was made on November 3, 2010. One of my friends told me about a game called 'Club Penguin'. I was interested and decided to check it out. I created 'Gpumpkin' a couple of days later. It was one of the most enjoyable games ever! I loved the game so much that I've played it ever since. From there, I learned more about it and become more experienced. I enjoyed checking out club penguin cheats sites such as, Club Penguin Memories by Trainman 1405 and Clubpenguincp by Chrisdog93. That's when, in May 2011, I created a club penguin blog and have loved blogging ever since! If you have a chance, give me a big hello on twitter or on club penguin, I'll be glad to chat with you. Here's what my player card looks like:
Here's more about Gpumpkin:
 Name: Gpumpkin
 Color: Orange
 Penguin Age: Over 730 days old

 Servers: Snow Fort, Matterhorn, and Sleet
 Favorite Pin: Castle Pin
 Favorite Mascot: Gary the gadget guy
 Favorite Item: Blue skater hat
 Favorite Game: Cart Surfer
 Favorite Party: Halloween party
Favorite Puffle: Yellow Puffle
 Puffles: All of them (Most of them have ran away though, lol)
 Twitter: @gpumpkincp
Gpumpkin will start blogging on here! Although he works on many blogs I know he will be GREAT here!
What do you think about Gpumpkin?Let me know in the comments!
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