Thursday, April 11, 2013

Club Penguin April 2013 Furniture Catalogue

Hey penguins, Club Penguin Updated there April 2013 Furniture Catalogue!With old and new items for members to put in there igloo!! Below is a step by step of items and hidden items are at the bottom!For members only, so members just go to you'r igloo and open it to edit and click the top book!

On this page Members Can buy Clinic Entrance for 800 coins,Operating Room Lights for 300 coins,X-Ray Machine for 200 coins,Hospital Chair for 150 coins!

On this page Members Can buy General Store Front for 800 coins, Deluxe Tool Chest for 200 coins, Lamp Post for 175 coins!

On This Page Members Can Buy Telephone Box for 400 Coins,New's Paper Stand for 400 Coins,Construction Sign For 145 Coins,Construction Barrier For 100 coins,SearchLight For 250 coins,Construction Pylon For 50 coins.

On This Page Members Can Buy Security Camera For 150 coins, Hydrant For 150 coins,Trashcan For 100 Coins,Overhead Light For  100 coins,Wooden Crate For 50 coins,Seismograph For 200 Coins!

On This Page Members Can Buy Acacia Tree For 350 Coins,Jungle Bloom For 175 Coins,Large House Plant For 200 Coins,Jungle Flora For 150 Coins,Jungle Fern For 150 Coins.

On This Page Members Can Buy Koi Pond For 450 Coins,Snake Grass For 140 Coins,Hippopotamus For 400 coins,Giraffe for 450 coins,Zebra for 400 Coins!

Time for April 2013 Furniture Catalogue hiddin items!

That's all for this month of April 2013, I know I LOVE all the items in the April 2013 Furniture Catalogue!Do you? Let us know you'r thoughts in the comments below!
Waddle On Club Penguin!

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