Thursday, April 11, 2013

Club Penguin New Mascot Looks AND MORE April 11th 2013!!

Hey Penguins, Today Club Penguin let us have a look at the new mascot look.A Few months ago a good Penguin friend of mine Gpumpkin Posted about it but we thought it might be a rumor?But, it is true! Along with Club Penguins Updates last night they gave us this picture on there first ever media summit!

I like there new Funky,Fresh outfits! Sensei used to have nothing till he was a Water Sensei and Fire!
UPDATE:  Thanks to my Penguin Buddy Trainman1405 I know have even MORE infomation that has to do with Club Penguin media summit. The Club Penguin Team has also invited some bloggers to visit there office to discuss to disscus privacy at an event called Club Penguin Summit.Thanks to Trainman1405 he found this amazing tweet that prove's Club Penguin is working on mobile stuff!

Club Penguin has reached 200,000,000 Penguins and around 200 Moderators,& Since the Summit is All about privacy,(Credit to Trainman1405 for the image)

Another thanks to Trainman,he found out one of the penguins attending the Club penguin Summit's  name so if you would like to add Him/Her Send Grasstain a friend request!

I sure hope that the penguins/people have fun during the Club Penguin summit!
This is some AWESOME infomation,What do you think? Let us know you'r thoughts in the comments below!
Waddle On!


  1. Hey, Andybillson! Thanks for the info! We might post it later!
    P.S. If you have exclusives like this, it's always a good idea to watermark them!

    Keep on Waddlin'
    Pingu Girlz (:

    1. Thanks, but how do I water mark them?
      Waddle On!