Thursday, April 4, 2013

Club Penguin Operation Hot Sauce Is The EPF Mission’s Official Name April 4th 2013!

Hey Penguins! As, you may know the Puffle Party Extended for on more day(Today is the last day). But, you all know that Club Penguin updates tonight right?Along with there updates we Get to do our NEW EPF mission.Thanks to trainman for letting me know.Below is a image proving that it's name will be "Operation Hot Sauce"Also credit to Trianman1405 for the image.
This should make you MORE excited for this NEW mission starting tommorow!So the name has the word Hot Sauce?So in the last Sneak Peaks we got What looks like Hot sauce All over the Pizza Polar!

Do we get our NEW EPF phone on this mission?

Let me know you'r thoughts in the comments below!And, Check back tommorow since there will be new updats tonight I be sure to post the cheats for you! Anyway I am so excited for this mission because we hav'nt had one for 5 months!This mission is going to be WAAY better then the last ones though!
Waddle On!

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