Friday, April 5, 2013

Club Penguin Operation Hot Sauce Mission April 5th 3013

Hey Penguins! Today We Got a NEW mission ofter 5 months of waiting,But' this is no ordinary mission!Below is a step by step on how to solve this mission!
First off I should tell you ALL Agents get a knew Epf Phone!Check it out!

When you first Log into Club Penguin to start the mission click on you'r spy phone in the lower left of the screen!

Click "Go There".You will transport to the HQ and just go to the big screen to get directions from Aunt Arctic ugh hmm I mean Director!

After you get you'r orders from the Director click the map in the lower left corner of the screen and go to the COVE! When you get there Rookie shall be waiting for you! Just click on Rookie for orders!

When you are done talking to Rookie waddle over to the Pizza polar located in the town.You can get to the town  by Epf Phone or map! When you get there Jet Pack Guy will give you orders!

The Clue's are the Sauce, The Fur from Herbert,and a note.

Go over to the note and Gary The Gadget Guy should talk to you!

Open you'r spy phone and go to the Gadgets!

With the Fur & The Hot sauce put them into the device!

You just made the tracking device! Use this to find Herbert P. Bear! I see his paw prints

Hurray We found Herbert & Klutzy's Hideout!To enter just walk up to it but you have to solve a task!

You found Herbert, Listen to him what a Silly Bear! When he stops talking throw a pizza at the FLOOD button!

To throw the Pizza press "T' on you'r key bord and aim it on the FLOOD button and just click the left button on your mouse!

YAY! The Pizza Party is on again!

Click on you'r Spy phone and you get a message from the Director!

Wow, you get items for this mission,This is how the Backround looks on you'r player card and in you'r inventory!!

What do you think? Is it better than the old missions? I think it is! Let us know you'r thoughts in the comments below!
Waddle On Club Penguin!

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