Friday, May 17, 2013

Club Penguin: Field Friday May 17th 2013 BEST FIELD FRIDAY!

Hey Penguins, Today is friday and that means Polo Field logged into Club Penguin for Field Friday. Today he logged into Server Fjord and he  was late but let me tell ya this was one of the best Field fridays Ever!
In this these picture we are waiting for him cause he is a little late! :D

Then the word got out that he is at the Snow Forts! Hi Polo!
After the Snow Forts Polo said to the Dojo, and at the Dojo he said something interesting look in the picture I took below

Then polo started sending out postcard, Smile for Polo. After that I could not even find polo again, even if he tweeted were he was!
Polo' s Igloo
While looking for igloo's to like I found Ninja's igloo Wow he only has 698 likes
When I went in his igloo he already has 703 likes! I like Ninja igloo
I thought Ninja would be in the Dojo and well I was right Hi Ninja! I found a famous Club Penguin Blogger To hi Phineas99!
The Great Ninja only has 28 stamps!
Found Ninja in his igloo after he left the Dojo
Ninja was the 800 penguin to like my igloo! THANKS NINJA!
Kinda like Polo's sneak peak words of the Dojo Ninja Said:
Ninja started giving out postcards and I got one! Thanks for liking my iggy and for the postcard Ninja!
Ninja Said "A Storm is coming"
I went to see if my igloo had any more likes and it had 801 likes some one most of liked it! It was Polo Field THANKS POLO
With out you guys Club Penguin would be nothing THANKS!
This was the best Field Friday Ever I think! Do you? Did you make it to Field Friday? Let us know in the comments below!
Waddle On Club Penguin!


  1. Cool - I'll post that picture later ;) Good stuff, thanks for telling me!

    1. Thanks! Were you at Field Friday? Thanks for posting it Echo006