Thursday, May 23, 2013

Club Penguin meeting Sensei May 23rd 2013

Hey Penguins, The Card jitsu snow party is HERE and with it Sensei came to visit the island,Sensei is the only Club Penguin mascot I have never met. So when Gajotz gave us times to meet Sensei I just had to meet him because the other times in the past party's just would'nt work for me but this time was perfect! It was on a portuguese Server called Pizza Fria and the time he went there was 13:15PM,thats 2:15PM were I live!I was in the dojo waiting for him...But he never came to the dojo!

So then a friend of mine on twitter said he was at the skill hill, I knew he was not going to be there for long, so I just went to the Ski village cause he would go there next!I found him at the Ski Village HI SENSEI. I got his stamp so now I have 201 stamps!

Then he moved to the Ski Lodge! There is were I added him!(Although my buddy list was broken I sent him a request hopefully he accepts it)
UPDATE:Sensei has added me!

Here is a picture I like that I took,it has Me Sensei and Manu Kiki ( Manu is a famouse Portuguese  Cp Youtuber) :):):)

Sensei gave me my 201 stamp

He is on my Buddy list to

This was REALLY awesome!Have you met Sensei?Do you need help meeting him?If you would like to know times to meet sensei make sure to keep checking the Club Penguin Blog, Also click HERE

For some times I posted about!Let us know what you think in the comments below!
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