Monday, May 20, 2013

Club Penguin: Members/Non-members do to before the "Big Update" May 20th 2013!!

Hey Penguins, This post is just a reminder of what Members & Non Members should do before the Crard Jitsu Snow Party THIS Thursday!!During this party there is going to be LOTS  of updates ( witch it is going to AWESOME :D )With those updates (To see some of the updates that will soon come to the island Click  Here for the first oneHere for the 2nd oneHere for the 3rd oneHere for the 4th oneHere for the 5th one )some things are not going to be on the island any more.So basically this post is just to inform you what Members & Non Members should do.

                                                    For Members
The first things Members should do is buy all the items from the Ninja Catalog in the Ninja Hideout because we do not know yet if that will still be here or not! Below are the Ninja Catalog cheats

There IS HIDDEN ITEMS but I don't want to ruin your fun finding them!

 Just enjoy the Dojo & Ninja hidout till the Big Update ( The Dojo Will Look Better & Ninja Hide  out will be gone)
Earn the "Ninja Meeting Stamp"
I'm not sure what else will happen so... Just "Waddle On" :):)


There's Not much for non-members.But first of course enjoy the Dojo and ninja hideout before the big update!
Try your best to earn there "Ninja Meeting" Stamp.
That's all I know for know so just play with friends online and "Waddle On"

What Do you think of the Card Jitsu Party? I CAN'T WAIT, there has'nt been one since 2011 so that makes me even more excited! Let us know what you think in the comments below!
Waddle On

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  1. Thanks For The Tip, I Can't Wait for the Card Jitsu partyu