Sunday, May 26, 2013

Club Penguin, My Ninja Journey May 26th 2013

Hey Penguins,Now that the Card Jitsu Snow Party is on I just thought  Today  to show you how many Ninja's I am in Club Penguin (Snow,Water,ECT)!Instead of just telling you what Ninja's I am I'll make it more exciting and add pictures!
I thought I'd start with the new'est one!

That's right! I'm now every kind of ninja! I also beat the Tusk and  got the awesome cape!

It is so fun earning items with other online players! I don't have all the Stamps for Card Jitsu,Snow,Fire,Water,or the normal Card Jitsu yet.But, I would just like to thank Everyone who helped me become every type of Ninja on Club Penguin! THANK YOU!
Waddle On!

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  1. Awesome! I'm still not a snow ninja, but I will soon. Nice post, by the way.