Friday, May 31, 2013

Club Penguin Outdoor Activity: Fire Vs. Water Battle May 31st 2013

You Will Need
6 or more players
1 referee
4 or more small foam balls
A timer
Blue and red face paint

  • Blue and red fabric paint
  • White t-shirts for each player
  1.  Divide into two equal sides, one Fire Ninja, one Water Ninja
  2.  Fire Ninjas can paint their faces with red face paint
  3.  Water Ninjas can paint their faces with blue face paint
  4.  Each player can design their own t-shirt using fabric paint
  5.  Mark the center of the tournament field with rope or another object
  6.  Give each ninja side an equal number of foam balls
  7.  The referee sets a timer for five minutes
How to Play

  1.  When the timer starts each side throws the balls at the other side
  2.  When a ball crosses the center line, a player can throw it back at their opponent
  3.  When a ninja gets hit three times they have been defeated and have to sit down to the side of the tournament field
  4.  When the timer goes off, the side with the most players remaining wins the round!
  5.  You can play as many rounds as you like

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