Thursday, May 23, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue #396 May 23d

Hey Penguins, along with the new Club Penguin Card jitsu SNOW party, There is a new Club Penguin Times:

Ninjas face their greatest battle yet...

By Sensei - Our greatest battle has begun. We must master Snow, defeat the Snow Minions, and restore balance.

Grasshoppers, the time has come to master Snow. Forces stand against us and threaten the ninja way. TO restore the balance of the elements we must face them in battle. High in the mountains you will meet the Snow Minions - do not take them lightly. Their control over snow is most powerful.

Fire, Water and Snow must work together. Individually we are strong. Yet only when the elements unite can we overcome a threat of this enormity. When you are ready, go to the Dojo, enter the Snow Dojo, and prepare for battle.

Sushi Shop looking for skilled Sashimi Chefs! Apply now at the Pizza Parlor!

Dojo gets update.

By a Ninja - Fleet footed ninjas across the island are honoring the unveiling of a new Dojo! After an abrupt avalanche caused tremendous damage, Sensei's students worked together to clear snow. As they worked, visions of a new training ground surfaced.

"I imagined a room where each element was present - fire, water, snow." Sensei explained. "In the new training room they are in symmetry. For this is our task - restore elemental balance."

It is still unclear what lies behind this disturbance in the elements. Those Snow Minions appear to be doing someone's bidding. All ninjas are needed to help reveal the truth.


June 6 Penguin Style
Bring your style outdoors with this month's fashions!

June 6 Postcards
Don't forget to say 'Hello' with the latest Featured Postcards!

June 13 Furniture Catalog
This month's furniture is so good... it's scary!

June 6 - Underwater Adventure at the Stage!
Come on in, the water's fine.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until May 29.
Next pin hidden: May 30 - June 12

Why are you the only gray penguin?
-G. Ray

Although every question has many answers, this one is quite simple; I am very old.

How old are you?
-Ray Lee Olde

I have seen many seasons pass. Many Summers, Falls, Winters, and Springs have come and gone. I have lost count of the sunrises and sunsets I have watched. For it is not in the quantity, but in the pleasure of watching them.

How do we beat you at Card-Jitsu?
-Wynne Match

While the answer may sound simple, it is not such an easy thing to do. To beat me young grasshopper, you must train. Every Card-Jitsu match you enter, brings you closer to learning how to defeat me. Patience, practice, and power are necessities. I look forward to our match.

Master the elements.

How do I become a Card-Jitsu Master?
-Ellie Ment

If you wish to become a Card-Jitsu Master, always remember - every journey begins with a first step. You must earn your Card-Jitsu mask and become a ninja. If you wish to improve your skills, learn the basics of Card-Jitsu. Then your journey begins to master each of the elements. Each one brings different challenges you must face. The bubbling volcano, the crashing waterfall, and the staggering snow-capped mountain will test your bravery, patience, power, and determination.

And grasshopper, always remember:

Water beats Fire,
Fire beats Snow,
Snow beats Water.


On your journey, use these tips to help you master Snow.

  • Each ninja has a different health level, attack range, and attack strength.
  • Ward off nearby enemies before reviving a ninja to keep them safe. Your teammate's health will be low and cannot stand another attack.
  • Power Cards affect everything in a 9 tile area. Try to hit as many enemies as you can in a single Power Card attack.


Q. Where do rabbits get their clothes from?
A. The hopping mall!
-Danita B

Q. Why did the ants dance on the jam jar?
A. Because it said twist to open!

Q. Where do sheep go for a haircut?
A. The BaaaaaBaaaaa shop!

Q. Why did the hamburger run across the road?
A. Because it was fast food!

Q. Why is tennis the noisiest game?
A. Because you can't help raising a racket!

Q. Why did the robbers take a bath before stealing?
A. So they can get a clean getaway!
-El Go Go

Q. What did the shark say to the other shark white eating a clown fish?
A. This tastes funny!

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