Thursday, May 30, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue #397

Ninjas face their greatest opponent

Many skilled ninjas are returning from the snow-covered mountainside with news of menacing minions and a masked walrus. I traveled to the Dojo for more information. A group of ninjas at the Snow passage eagerly shared their story.

"When we arrived in battle, all we could see were three sneering snowmen glaring back at us," a Fire Ninjas explained. "Battle after battle, more enemies appeared. Sly tried to strike us out with snowballs. Scrap came in swinging!" "And Tank... whoa, that guy's got strength."

"But nothing could have prepared us for what we saw next..." Reports of a dangerous walrus are flooding in. It's clear that his minions are doing his bidding on the battlefield. All ninjas are encouraged to find otu more about this vengeful enemy, before it's too late!

Use the pizza emote at the fish stand in the Town or Plaza to earn the Snack Shack Stamp!

Elemental powers unleashed

By Aunt Arctic - Elemental ninjas are working together to sway the weather! "To change the weather, wear  only your full elemental suit," a ninjas explained. "Then gather in groups of two or more to alter the atmosphere on the island!" I observed a group of Water Ninjas in the Town performing a special water dance.

Passersby quickly donned raincoats and boots to avoid being soaked by the downpour. It you see a group of Snow Ninjas, get out your mittens! And watch out for Fire Ninjas - it's a little more complicated when they come out. ; )


June 6 The Stage
Dive deep underwater, and discover Penglantis!

June 6 Postcard
Have you sent a postcard lately? Check out this month's Featured Postcards!

June 13 Furniture Catalog
Could your igloo use a little school spirit? Check out the Furniture Catalog!

What's your 'Real Style'? Get new fashions on June 6.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until June 12.
Next pin hidden: June 13 - 26

What do you do in your spare time?
-Leah Sure

A ninjas' training is never complete. But moments of relaxation are also important. One must know when to move and when to be still. In moments of stillness I enjoy my two hobbies. The first is the art of the bonsai. When shaping the tree, you must first understand it. You must choose the right pot that will best display the bonsai tree.

Can it survive outside, or does it need the warmer climate of the indoors? What will the tree become once you have shaped it? My second hobby is the art of tea. For there is much to learn in a cup of tea. Preparing the perfect cup takes practice. And you must consider how you pour, where you sit, and how you sip. But the most important part, is who you share it with.

A long, long time ago...

Who is this walrus?
-Wallie Russ

Long ago, I began my ninja journey, with a good friend. We trained together to master the elements. He was very skilled. But his abilities were clouded by impatience. As we learned to harness the power of Snow, the most terrible thing happened. My friend was buried in in an avalanche. Many days I searched for him. I thought he was lost. But I was wrong.

I am sad to see he has turned to anger. It is a lonely path that does not move forward, but circles back to the beginning. My students, I cannot foresee all consequences. One thing is certain - he must be defeated.

Card-Jitsu Snow

Ninjas, as you journey to master Snow, you will be awarded three Card-Jitsu weapons. The snow Snow Shuriken, the Fire Nunchakus, and the Water Hammer. Wear these items along, or with your Snow Suit, press "D" and unleash your ninja power.


Q. What color is the loudest?
A. Yell-ow!

Q. Why did the boy eat his homework?
A. His teacher said it was a piece of cake!

Q. What did the water say to the boat?
A. Nothing, it just waved!
-Agent Dude24

Q. What happened to the wooden cart with a wooden engine and wooden wheels?
A. It wooden go!

Q. What did the map say to the other map?
A. We meet ATLAS!
-Logan Blue1

Q. Why are bananas never lonely?
A. They come in bunches!
-Lucky Is Luk

Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Ben who?
Ben knocking on the door all afternoon!

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