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Club Penguin:Club Penguin Times issue #395 May 16th 2013

Hey Penguins Club Penguin Times issue #395 is out!Check it out below!

The time to work together has come.

By Aunt Arctic - Way up in the mountains, heavy snowfall has caused an avalanche. Ninjas have reported damage to the Dojo and Hideout. When I traveled to the Dojo to get more information, I found Sensei assessing the damage. "I had a worrying dream... a dark presence, in the shadows of the past. When I awoke, the mountain shook, and the avalanche covered the Dojo." "Luckily no ninjas were training at the time."

When I asked for more details, Sensei quickly steered focus back to the task at hand. "There has been a shift. The elemental forces are out of balance. I am calling on all ninjas - past, present, and those yet to join us - to prepare for battle." "It is time, ninjas. Together, from May 23, we must master the power of Snow."


!stnegA dnammoC ot tropeR enoH .sllirD ypS rof mooR ,segnellach ekat ,slliks .sladem nrae dna .sredro ruoy evah uoY

(Note from Ocean6100: This comes out to say "Agents! Report to the Commander Room for Spy Drills. Hone skills, take challenges, and earn medals. You have your orders.")

Snow Villains sweep in from the mountains.

By a ninja - A flurry of fear is sweeping the island with the whispers of masked snowmen in the mountains. It is said that three minions are coming with two targets in mind - defeat Sensei and destroy the Dojo. "A great challenge awaits us." Sensei confirmed. "We must master the Snow to restore elemental balance. We will defend for all we have worked for."

Citizens of Club Penguin are uncertain what has caused this disturbance and questions are looming. Are the snow minions the only danger we must face? Is there is a greater force at work? But one thing we know is certain - an icy outcome awaits.


On now! Furniture Catalog
Turn your igloo into a ninja hideaway with all new furniture.

May 23 Master Snow
Play Card-Jitsu Snow and train to unite the elements.

Visit all decorated rooms to earn the Explorer stamp May 23 - June 4

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until May 29.
Next pin hidden: May 30 - June 12

Do you own any puffles?
-Owen Pet

In my journeys through the Wilderness I have met many fine puffles. And I am honored to call them friends. They are such fascinating creatures. Most interesting moods and personalities. Puffles hold many secrets. They have much wisdom and much to teach us. I have spent much time with them in the wild. I study their ways, and learn through their behavior.

Look to the puffle
All answers contained within
Like light in rainbows

How did you become Sensei?

To become Sensei
One must find willing students
And something to teach
(A long flowing beard doesn't hurt)

Answers are merely questions of a different kind...

Why is the Dojo in the mountains?
-Monty Nane

After many years of training, it was time to build a dojo and pass on my knowledge to those who were ready to learn. Fire, Water, Snow. It was important to find a place where all three were present. One only needed to look, and to listen, to find them. So I looked. And I listened...

For a long, long time I searched. And as I sipped tea at the foot of the mountains, this haiku came to me...

Mountains capped with snow
Which melts with volcanic heat
Home for the Dojo

Looking to improve your skills in Card-Jitsu Water? Folow these tips to master the might waterfall:
  • Speed is important. If your game moves slowly, adjust the graphic quality at the top of your screen to speed things up.
  • A Power Card affects all the stones around it. Use this power to clear your way and distract the opponents!
  • Don't give up! At the end of the match, the closer you are to the gong, the more points you earn.


Q. How do trees get onto the internet?
A. They log in!

Q. What did one ear say to the other ear?
A. Between you and me, we need a haircut!
-Ivy Blue 200

Q. Where do penguins so swimming?
A. At the south pool!

Q. What is the only fish that can hum a tune?
A. Tuna fish!

Q. What did the scissors say to the other pair of scissors in a race?
A. Chop, Chop, Chop!
-Snow Fright

Q. What do you call a dinosaur that hurt itself?
A. Dino-sore!

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