Monday, May 20, 2013

Club Penguin:Polo and Daffo’s Card-Jitsu Snow Quest – Episode #4

Hey Penguins, Today Club Penguin uploaded  part 4 of "Polo & Daffo's Card-Jitsu  Quest on there Youtube, this is the last Polo and Daffo’s Card-Jitsu Snow Quest.Check it out below!

Wow, That show'ed alot of Sneak Peaks! In the video you can see what the Dojo will look like, and since the ninja hideout will be gone all three  games Card jitsu snow,fire,water will be in that room! Along with the Card jitsu mats! I wonder if the Ninja Catalog will be in that room? How will we earn the "Ninja Meeting" Stamp Now? Time will tell.
This is what it will look like in the room before we cross the bridge to the Card Jitsu Snow Room!
Sensei is looking pretty awesome to! In the video you can see what he will look like in Club Penguin starting May 23rd.

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