Friday, May 31, 2013

Could We Be Going To Rockhopper Island In July 2013?

Hey Penguins, Remember a few days ago Spike Hike said "There is going to be THREE new Parties this next months".We Already know that "Monster University" is for June,and one party is going might be a mix of Music Jam & Summer party (Click Here for prove that the might be a party)BUT For either July or August are we going to be able to go to Rockhopper island? First of all in one of Spike Hikes tweets he Tweeted "What do you guys think is on Rockhopper Island" Witch might be a hint that we MIGHT be able to sail (and get the 'out at sea' Stamp) to Rockhopper Island!

Second of all,The July Club Penguin Magazine, it has a free item, the item is a suit case full of stuff for a Vacation to a island,perfect for RH island! The magazine for July is going to be a  Holiday Special. Some times when you go on a Holiday you go to the beach,with sand and the sun.Wow wait, Rockhopper island has all that because it is a island! So that means we might be going to RH island in July!

The closest any penguin has ever gotton to RH island was in 2012 when the Club Penguin Rockhopper's adventure was on! I can't wait! Ive always wanted to go to Rockhopper Island,Meet lots of Red Puffles!Remember this is just a rumour right know though. ? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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