Thursday, May 16, 2013

Daffodaily5 Calling all UK players!

Hey Penguins a new post has been made on the Club Penguin blog be Daffodaily5 for the UK club penguin players
I'm thinking about hosting a mega epic party this Saturday, at about 4:30am Penguin Standard Time (that's 12:30pm in the UK), but I can't decide what the theme of the party should be (every brill party needs a good theme, right?); can you guys help me out? I also can't decide what server to jump on, so maybe you could help me out with that too...?
Post your ideas in the comments please!
-Club Penguin Team

Thanks Daffo,I think the them should be Card Jitsu, Ninja!I Think server Fjord is a good choice. Although I live in the USA I think I can still make it 

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