Monday, December 2, 2013

Andybillson to Return - "I'm Back!"

Greetings Penguins,

As many of you know, Andybillson has not been posting for quite awhile. However, I'm proud to inform you that Andybillson is back! You may be wondering why he hasn't been around these previous months. That too will be answered. We just wanted to let you guys know that he's finally back!

Sadly, this summer, Andybillson's email account was hacked and this made it virtually impossible for him to post. Andybillson has recovered his email and therefore we can expect his return. I'm excited to have such a great friend return. His presence in the Club Penguin Community has been missed!



  1. Hey THANKS Gpumpkin! I am so Excited to be back! I plan be back around mid- January! I have throw A big update the includes:
    * Huge Give aways (Including Memberships,coin codes,mag codes , ECT..)
    *Huge website update ( I will make it a .com I think)
    * The Header you made for me I will keep but, I will make a couple more and make it as a slide show type thing!
    *I will throw a party on CP
    * Open a new CP twitter ( I'm playing @Andybillson or @Andythepenguin
    * change the theme on our site
    *ADD more pages. That's what I will mostly be working on. I had already started before me email was hacked, I think it's time to finish.
    *Change my blogroll, as you can see some of them have not even been updated in month's or years! So I was planning on doing something kinda like Saraapril. I'll have a section for "Memorie blogs"
    * I'll update my penguin of the month all the way up to January ( I'll make sure that the ones that were not up there for a month get noticed)
    * I'll add working trackers

    But Of course it take's time. So maybe can you please make this comment in the post So that penguins can get the details? And please make the post ""Andybillson to Return - "I'm Back!" UPDATED""
    Of course I'll Need to get all my penguin viewers back (LOL)
    Any Gpumpkin don't think I forgot about our deal :-) You tell the penguins about me returning and I reward you with a Club Penguin code of some sort!

    P.s check out these pictures of prove I'm friends with some mods on Club Penguin!



    Spike Hike:

    As you can see in the pictures I'm also friends with some beta's
    Here is my rarest penguin pals
    And all mascots!
    Thanks so muck G!

  2. Also check this post out of me meeting mods

  3. I'm so Happy he is back! He has been missed! Welcome Andy!