Friday, December 13, 2013

I will be up and runing in Feb 2014.

Hey Penguins, as you may know my email was hacked. But I managed to get it back(as you can see Gpumpkin told you in the post below) but I wanted to make a post that was specific on the time I was going to be back + more!
First of all I still have have to work out a few bugs with my email. so I can't post aalot right now. It will be done maybe in Feb 2014! I am so excited to be back!
I know it may seem to be along time but it will be here before you know it!

As you seen I added many pages! I took along time to make them before my email was hacked! Enjoy! Wait, I should tell you I need to update a few though!

I will get a new twitter  most likely @andybillsonincp just is not me. I might keep it though

Give-aways! Over time I got a couple of Club Penguin codes! I give away lots if not all in the year 2014. I might even post one in 2013 but I need my viewers back (Even though I'm a non-member, I  will not use the codes myself, I bought them for you guys. But I need my viewers back).

I will  host parties on Club Penguin! As soon as a reach 10,000 views or 500 followers I will host a party on CP and and add and like igloo's send postcards and record! I will also need to get my viewers back!
Thank you who are reading this, please comment saying  you will view this sight when it is  back up and running! HUGE thanks to Gpumpkin, Monchocho, trainman1405!
As always Waddle on

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