Saturday, January 24, 2015


Hello guys' Andybillson here. Sorry I told you I would be up and running in Feb 2014 and its  2015. But, don't think I forgot about CP. I try to log on during every party and get Backrounds and pins.

Here's the stamps I've collected this year.(2014)

I've also got new Mods, from Spoiler alert and stuff on my friends list!

Rsnail added me to.

Speaking of Spoiler Alert I was in a Very special Episode, With Billybob & Spike Hike, Best of 2013 episode! Look by the end of the video, they answer my question. I don't own the video.

I'm a non-member so this is what my igloo looks like.

And this is my new look on CP.

I have also been in multiple YouTube videos from famous penguins.
I'm sorry to announce this though I will not be posting for a while. Things have changed. I hope I will start posting some time later. I will still log into CP though. I will not close down this blog though.
I would like to thank these awesome penguins, Saraapril, Gpumpkin, Trainman1405, and Monchocho. Thanks you guys are AWESOME.
 If you want to add me on CP just shoot me a friend request! Thanks
Until next time, Waddle On.

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