Friday, October 21, 2016

Club Penguin's 11th Anniversary - Waddle Down Memory Lane -

Hey penguins! Andybillson here, with another special post to bring to you!
This month Club Penguin turns 11!
I recommend you log onto Club Penguin for this special celebration, and get the 11th Anniversary party hat. After the party is gone, you will never be able to get it again. So head over to the town , then enter the Coffee shop, you'll notice a lot of cake and decorations. You can pickup your special 11th anniversary hat and of course check out the yearbook!

 I can't believe It has been 11 years of Club Penguin,it seems like just yesterday I made  my account ,  but infact that that was a few thousand days ago!
I have made a lot of memories over the past several years on Club Penguin, Below is a list of a few of my favorite memories from past post I have made on this blog.
Club Penguins 10th Anniversary
Meeting Shop Worker
Meeting Rare Penguins
The first time I met Sensei
The Ninja Hideout
Best Field Friday!
Andybillson-My penguin
Club Penguin Party For Realse Of Club Penguin App

I have made so much memories with Club Penguin! Made so many online friends, and I started this blog. I also helped out with other penguins on their  blogs too:). I just wanted to thank and meniton to a few special penguins- Special thanks to Gpumpkin, Trainman1405, And Saraapril and EVERY penguin in the Club Penguin community! Thank you all so very much for all the memories with Club Penguin! And once again, HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY CLUB PENGUIN!

A little bit of a waddle down memory lane with Andybillson.
''I have had a lot of fun and memories with this game! It was a big part of my Childhood! I still log on a couple times a year! :) 

 Some interesting facts in the six years I have been on Club Penguin.
I ( Andybillson) was in the Spoiler Alert Episode "best of 2013" ( click here to watch that episode )and Spike Hike, Billybob AND Polo field were in that episode! They answered my question, I am in it towards the end. They answered mine of only three questions!I have been in numerous YouTube videos and meet ups.  I am friends with a lot of famous penguins. 
Rsnail- added me October 2014

Gizmo- October 2014 he added me.

Spike Hike- added me a little after Happy77 left. 

Yamfry & a few others from the CPTeam added me at the party we had for the #mypenguinapp 

I sent friend request to many of the Penguins on #waddleon and some accepted. 

Also friends with some of Betas.

I was penguin of the month November 2012 on Gpumpkins website.

I have met a lot of famous Club Penguin bloggers and got post cards (I have postcards from Megg, Polo Feild, Businesmoose, and a lot of others. I now can't receive anymore cause it's full) 

I want to meet Saraapril and get a postcard from her.

A lot of famous penguins and CP workers have liked my igloo.

I still have my postcard from when I became a tour guide 6years ago.

My penguin used to always be blue, but it hasn't changed from orange in years. 

Although I do own the Arctic White Color(I got it the day it came out), I have never worn it on my penguin!

I haven't collected all stamps but I want to!

I have been here through a lot of big Club Penguin Changes! 

I would like to thank Happy77,Billybob, Gizmo,Screenhog,Polo Feild, Spike Hike, Megg, the whole Club Penguin Staff. And Trainman1405,Gpumpkin,77lulu77 and Saraapril! And EVERY PENGUIN!

I just thought since Its Club Penguins eleventh birthday I would make this post and include a waddle down memory lane.
 I will continue to waddle! "

If you want to know about me ( My penguin)  and pictures and stuff, you can click the two links below. Or ask a question down in the comments!
Club Penguin 10th Anniversary *Special Post*


Happy 11th Birthday Club Penguin, until next time.
Waddle On!

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