Donate Club Penguin codes

  1. Hello penguins. have any unwanted Club Penguin codes, or just want to donate Club Penguin codes for a good cause? Well here you can do it. Just simply  email the codes to!  but with the email you must give the code and your penguin name so I can give you shout out! If you want you can read some asked questions below...
What will the Club Penguin codes be used for?: I will use them for give-aways/ contest or  maybe just give the coded out on twitter and see who gets it first. I do give some to new penguins to. I will always donate some to like Trainman1405, Gpumpkin,Monchocho Ect...for them to do give aways
Is it safe: 100% safe
Do I have to donate my code?: Of course not, only if you want to!
Do I get refunds?: if you ask for the code back and I have not already gave it away, I will give it back!
What club penguin codes do you need: I don't need any, I just could use them. But the codes I could use are Club Penguin Membership, club penguin card jitsu card code, club penguin coin code,club penguin mag code, club penguin treasure box code.
Will you use my codes?: Nope. I will put them to a good cause!
Well if you have anymore questions comment them below

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