How to become a Fire a ninja

To become a fire Ninja in the wonderfull world of Club Penguin,you must know how to get to the fire Dojo. Both members and Non-members can enter the Fire Dojo!
There are two different ways to get to the Fire Dojo.The first one ALL penguins can do.Just click on the "MAP" in the lower left corner of your screen, and when you are on the map in the top middle of the screen is the Dojo!

The second way is for Club Penguin EPF agents. Agents just need to click there EPF phone in the lower left corner of you'r screen.And, click Teleport and find Dojo Courtyard and then teleport there!

When you Teleport there you should be in this room.

Just walk into the two big doors to enter the Dojo!

When you enter you should be in this room.

While in the normal dojo. Just waddle to the door with fire flames! When you enter that room you will be in the Fire Dojo!

Alright now it is to to learn How to become a Fire Ninja:

To play Card Jitsu Fire:When in the game, on your turn, click a tile, then click on a lit tile. If you land on a fire tile, you should choose a fire card. If you land on water, choose a water card. If you land on ice, choose an ice card. If you land on one of the other spaces, follow directions. Whoever wins doesn't lose any energy. You start with 6 energy.
To become a fire ninja you must first either keep fight other players on the blue mats in the Fire Dojo till you earn all you ninja cloths OR Battle Sensei over and over again.
  The more progresses you gain through the game, the more fire items you get.The Items you have to get to become a Fire ninja are are:
Flame Sandals
Magma Coat
Magma Coat clothing icon ID 4120
Lava Mask
Fiery Helmet
 Once your penguin has all the items, you  must defeat Sensei to get a fire gem for your  amulet.
Fire GemFire Gem Clear
Here is what it looks like on your penguin, and player card. But, I have all three (Snow,Water,Fire) Gems though!

You can also hold fire in your penguin's hands by wearing the complete suit and dancing by pressing "D" on your keybord, or by click the dance icon in the game!

. By waving,(you can wave by pressing "w" on your keybord) you can disappear in a wave of fire.

Special Actions
Just like a typical member ninja with the bracers, A Fire Ninja can disappear into thin air, by fire. The penguin waves, fire then goes up and then other fires start on bottom of your penguin continuing to the head. The Suit disappears first before the penguin, which is likely not timed perfectly.

According to Sensei, Fire Ninjas can control fire. Dance, and both of your arms will be raised 90 degrees and fire will appear at the tip of your flippers. Gather penguins to the Ice Berg and do this dance to make a fire storm filled sky.

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